Our Online Expert Instructors

We teach online and considered as the most reliable Online Institute for Quran studies. Our teaching is the form of e-learning and we offer a variety of the best quality courses for Muslim students of all ages.hiffzeQuran Academy has a team of expert and qualified Instructors. They are certified from recognized institutes and enable children, adults, and new Muslims all over the world to learn the Holy Book from home. In tutors includes both dedicated Female and Male Quran Teachers who are available 24/7. The Masters help the students develop an interest in Education. They help the students improve their Quran knowledge which will definitely help them excel in life and hereafter. Every Instructor is experienced in tutoring in our online classroom and helping worldwide Muslims understand the lessons through chat, screen, and file-sharing

Find an Expert of the Quran Education

Finding an expert instructor is no more difficult now. Our Quran education Academy is here to help you offer you clear guidance and support. We have handpicked instructors and we chose them for their vast knowledge and experience in teaching. Whether it’s basic Qaida Studying, Hifz, Translation or Tafseer, you need guidance and our team is here to help you. They are well-trained at teaching and are the perfect match to help you through your education. The Quran is not so easy to understand. Reading the Quran requires to follow some important rules. Our Trainers teach these important rules so that students can remember and apply while reading. No one can understand these fundamental rules without guidance so everyone turns to Instructors. Learning could be complicated if you don’t have the right instructors. Whether you need to learn recitation or want to memorize, our tutors are here to help. Since we are an Online Quran Tutoring Center, we have the best Trainers and you can choose for your Quran Learning.

Tutoring at an International Level

Our Academy delivers world-class Quran education with the help of the latest technology. We support the students across the world with the team of online tutors who are available to the students living in any location across the globe. In our Education System, we cover different locations in the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, etc. If you are living in Western countries and are looking for Online Islamic education, we would be more suitable for you. Everyone can now learn at his own home. There is no problem if you can’t drive to the mosque. Our Quran education center will help you learn at home.

Reasonable Fee

We offer different study plans/programs and the fee of each plan is different based on your requirements. Students can choose their plan by filling the form given at the end of the website as well via contact us or pages sidebar. The fee varies depending on the location of the student.

Our international level Tutoring offers the following benefits:

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